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I have an idea for a social experiment. I started using OKcupid a month or so back, and in order to see what other guys were doing, to see what I was “Up against”, I asked a female friend of mine to join up as well, and send me the sort of messages she received. Unsurprisingly, things got pretty creepy pretty quickly, and I felt bad for having convinced her to do it. So i gave her a picture of my face doing something odd, and told her she could send it to anyone who was particularly creepy.
It started out as a joke, but then she told me that she had sent it to at least 20 guys, and they had fucked right off immediately, either thinking she was a man, that she was “Spoken for”, or just because they didn’t expect it. It was both highly amusing and depressing that my face had become a sort of symbol of her ability to say “NO” and be listened to, but it gave me an idea.I’m interested to see if other women who are also having these troubles on the internet, and are tired of dealing with them rationally and instead just want to fuck around, would be game to also send that pic of my face to unwanted admirers. My last name is Middleditch, so perhaps we can call it “Getting Ditched” (Or MiddleDitched, I’m not that fussed).
Anyway, here is the picture, I hope you consider this worthy of your time. And perhaps, if this somehow takes off, I’ll get to see more responses from unsuspecting Fellows.
All the best
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. YES. You are an excellent human being for thinking of this and being cool with your photo getting sent out to creeps and douchenozzles. 
READERS! Consider sending the above photo the next time you get an awful OKC message, and pretty please tell me how it goes. 
I love this, thank you for sharing!

Ahahahaha yes!

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when your crush  starts a conversation but decides to ignore you after 5 minutes.

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I like this place, but unfortunately it’s not allowed to use flash.
"Attack on titan"Levi - Ayasei / Petra - YuePhoto by Zue

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YOU SHOULD!!! Rivetra and #15 PLEASE PLEASEE!! Or just levi is also nice ^^


im being exTRA NICE For YOU DEAR

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rivetra au of kuroshitsuji pls. PLS. Petra as Ciel and Levi as Sebastian omgggggg pls.

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"S-Sir... I was wondering what are the rules in dating co-workers?"


    Levi was surprised by the female’s sudden question. He sighed gently, his face adorning a slight sense of pain. He wasn’t a fool - No, he wouldn’t convince himself that everything would turn out well. Lives were being lost and they would continue to be lost. There was no way to avoid it.

    ❝I have nothing against it. But he did. He didn’t want to see the woman cry when her lover passed, though, he couldn’t tell her that it was better not to love — Not when the corporal wasn’t sure of the correct answer himself. 


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